Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Blind Girl

The painting above is the blind girl by John Everett Millais and is one of my favourite paintings in Birmingham Art Gallery. It is  a painting which tells a story to the viewer or rather makes the viewer read their own story. I rarely paint rainbows but it is interesting to note that the colours are reversed in a double rainbow. They are not identical. It is a beautifully executed painting.
Anyway today I didn't get to start anything but I have pretty well finished my toy chest. I have to collect two of the grandchildren now. Alex has gone to the printers.
That reminds me I found out that the Welsh Language Board have stopped there free translation service. This is a real pity. I found it to be a brilliant service. The staff were helpful, fast and totally competent. So thanks to Gwen, Huw and all who helped me so efficiently. Huw has started up a commercial translation service Annog Cyf, a subsidiary company of Menter Môn,  which will operate from 2 April 2012 onwards. Enquiries 0845 6076070. Pob lwc i chi.

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