Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lancaster - Last Sortie?

When I did the painting of the Sunderland Flying Boat I was tempted to do a painting of the Lancaster Bomber instead.
In the end I decided to do both. During the Second World War 55,000 British aircrew died in Bomber Command. I thought it was fitting I paid a personal tribute to these young men who sacrificed their lives for us.
The painting above shows the crew going out to their Lancaster in the morning. Only 5 are in shot but the shadows of 2 more are in the near left of the painting.
I nearly painted the Bomber with the crew coming out of the plane at the end of the mission but  I thought it was more poignant to show them going to the plane. The life expectancy for a crew member was just 2 weeks. I guess that puts things in to perspective.
This afternoon I am teaching.

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