Friday, 20 April 2012

Disappearing lamp

The sketch above is of a miners oil lamp we used on our boats. An oil lamp like this was ideal as it was safe, provided light and heat in a small cabin. (Of course we ensured we had ventilation, not normally a problem on a boat).The lamp disappeared after a break in on the boat. So it resides elsewhere now. I also lost a lot of tools which had been my father's so it was a bit upsetting. The boat went eventually as we were unable to use her as we caring for my mom.
Today I haven't done any painting. A bowl of mussels laid me low and I am getting back to the stage where I am feeling I may survive after all. Yes I know a bit dramatic. Talking about boats I haven't done any paintings of boats for a good while so I may have a go tomorrow although we are looking after the grandchildren for the weekend so may be not?

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