Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I finished the painting of Druidstone above yesterday. It is a smaller version of a painting I did last year.
I started a painting of the Towy Valley at Dawn this morning after taking the dog out.

 I then went with Alex to take two of the grand children for lunch and then the cinema to see "Pirates". It must be 7 or 8 years since I last went to the cinema and that was when we took another grandchild to see "Finding Nemo" something to do with a fish if I remember correctly. The first time I remember going to the pictures as it was called then was on a Saturday morning and I believe it was sixpence to get in.That was to  to see "Summer Holiday" with Cliff Richard. I suppose it is no surprise I haven't been to the cinema a lot after that.

I remember us taking two of our children to see " ET " in Newtown. At the start of the film it went dark and very quiet as the opening scene came on. The scene was of a rabbit playing in a field.
At that point our daughter said in a very loud and posh little voice,"I see mommy ET is a rabbit." This brought the whole cinema down in fits of laughter. It has also become something of a catch phrase in out household.

Actually "Pirates" wasn't too bad, a darn sight better than "Summer Holiday" anyway.

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