Sunday, 1 April 2012

Schools Out

The sketch above is one I did of a farmer checking his cattle. At one point he seemed a little stressed out as I watched. He wanted to separate one of the cows and spent some time ushering her away from the herd at which point his collie dog leaped from the back of the pick up and started to herd the cow back to the rest of its companions much to the fury of the farmer who was now chasing the dog and the cow. Life can be a bit frustrating like that.

I walked into my studio today and found Jac had been sick in there. I trust it wasn't a response to my latest painting.

We met the Mr Williams headmaster of the Welsh Secondary School in Carmarthen yesterday. He was a real gentleman. I was thinking that the school had just recovered from our children passing through its portals and now it has to brace itself for the next generation as our grandchildren will soon be gracing its classrooms.

It is actually a first rate school and has a fine reputation. It has also produced more that its fair share of great rugby players including, Steven Jones, Rhys Priestland, Ken Owens and his sister Vicky. The previous headmaster Mr Evans always talks about our children when we meet him. They must have made some sort of impression you would think, having so many thousand children go through the school yet he can remember them vividly.

I have been touching up a couple of paintings this morning we are off later to Aberglasney for lunch.

PS "Clive have a happy birthday tomorrow!"

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