Thursday, 26 April 2012

After the Rain

The above painting I called  "Cattle after the Rain". Of course what it doesn't say is that there is more rain on the way!

The other day I had to look after two of the grandchildren. I normally pick them up from school but Alex entertains them when I get them home. As she was at the printers I was left holding the baby so to speak. Initially I got them chocolate rolls and then iced buns. No problems there. An easy win. What to do next?
I asked my grandson who is 6 if he would like another iced bun.
"No, Thank you." (I know great manners).
I said "Would you like a chicken drumstick?"
He looked thoughtful, then said, "Yes please."
"Oh I said we haven't got any."
He was quiet for a minute and I was looking at the hole opening up underneath me.
All of a sudden he said, "Its a joke isn't it?" and laughed.
I relaxed and said "Yes".
I turned on the television and the grandaughter was happily entertained with Mickey Mouse. Our grandson  is quite creative so I found the "playdo" and he seemed quite happy.
I said to him "Would you like a knife to cut up the playdo?"
He looked hard at me and said," Have you got one?" Then smiled. Touche!

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