Friday, 27 April 2012

Clifton Common

The painting above is of three pines on the common at Clifton, Bristol. I had been down there visiting and I was taken by the trees. I didn't have a sketch book with me but I did find an old envelope which I opened up and used a biro to get the main points down. The rest I carried in my head. There was actually a bench under the trees but I was happy to leave it out.
The painting sold and now resides in a Royal Household in - "Dubai ?",  if I recall correctly. The gentleman who bought it was the head of the Police Service and was an extremely engaging man. He bought it along with a couple of others that I cant remember as a present for his mother who was having a new residence built.
I mention this as it was quite amusing we had been talking a while and I told him I had been a policeman he then told me so had he.  His wife later told me who he was. I was impressed by his modesty and that he didn't embarrass me. Okay I was also impressed he bought all the paintings.

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