Monday, 7 February 2011


The painting above is a commission I have worked on all day. For the most part commissions of people homes, and churches are about the place itself. They are not about the painting. It is normally a matter of detail and accuracy and presenting the subject in a favourable light.

I have done atmospheric commissions but only when I knew that’s what the customer wanted and that it would look appropriate for the subject and composition.

Generally the drawing is as time consuming as the painting. I was quite happy with the result of this one. I had to take some artistic licence in respect of the sun. The sun does not in fact shine on the front of the house but by rotating it 180 degrees you bring the house to light and solve the problem of a white subject against the sky. The left hand gable is now in shadow and the right is covered by the shadow of the adjacent house. The front of the house is now bordered by a darker tone and stands out.

So provided the customer is happy (which I am sure they will be) a good days work.

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