Saturday, 12 February 2011

Cadair Idris

The painting above is one I started yesterday and finished today. It is of Cadair Idris from the East.

If you are not careful you can spend hours altering and fussing with a painting. It is often said with good reason the hardest decision is when to put your brush down and leave a painting.

I thought of another embarrassing moment the other day. It happened when we lived in Welshpool.

One day Alex went into the Insurance Brokers. She went up to the girl on the counter and said she had had an accident that morning. She explained that she had put the children in the car ready to take them to school. She got in, started the engine and was ready to reverse off the drive. She checked her mirror and reversed out. At some point a stupid man in a van had pulled up across the end of the drive to let a girl out of the van. Alex had reversed in to the side of the van damaging the van and our car. It was clearly the fault of the stupid man in the van.

At this point Alex looked at the girl and said,

“Don’t I know you?”

She replied,” Yes I was the girl in the van with the stupid man. He’s my father.”

I should add Alex is actually a very good driver, but obviously not very good at remembering faces!

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