Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Valley

Interesting day today. After the initial dog walk we had a few problems. My mother’s boiler had packed up. Her Telephone wasn’t working and she needed the doctor. So after sorting that out including getting hold of the plumber who to be fair came straight away, we had late breakfast and I went to the gallery. I did an oil painting of Gower and Worms Head. Being an artist or for that matter any occupation can be complicated these days. We are thinking of getting a sign made saying:

“Boarding Kennels, Nursery, Residential and Care Home.”

You have got to smile. There are plenty of people far worse off in the World.
My brother who is an art teacher spent some time in Tunisia of all places. He was employed by their Government to teach in the University. If his tale of woe is anything like half truth it was pretty bad. He didn’t get paid for the first 6 months. Excuse followed excuse then he got one months pay. His accommodation was by any standard a hovel. The streets were used as the final resting place for all household rubbish and human waste. The place was filthy and corruption was endemic. He finally decided to leave and had to call the British Consul to get out of the Country as the Police and Immigration wanted bribes to let him and his motorcycle out. He drove back to Britain with Legionnaires disease he picked up there. Fortunately he survived but spent several months in hospital emerging a shadow of his former self and still suffering. He never received his money. I think it would take more than a regime change in Tunisia to encourage him to return there. There is a huge divide in the World between the haves and the have-nots. Unfortunately on many occasions one corrupt regime is often replaced by another one equally corrupt.

Anyway the painting above is one of my favourite views from Penllanffos, East down the Towy Valley. God bless Wales. January hasn’t been a bad month. It is normally fairly quiet after Christmas but we have sold a few. I have another commission to see to tomorrow and some tuition to do.

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