Sunday, 13 February 2011

Man at work

I can’t remember if I have posted this painting before. I think not but who knows? I occasionally do a quirky painting, not for anyone or anything specific, just because I want to. (This one is a good likeness of my father. He also spent several months at sea in troop transports during the war avoiding U boats on his was to Ceylon, via Spain,South America, Persia, and India).  Generally they all sell, as did this one.

I had intended to do a painting or portrait of one of the family this morning, but well It didn’t happen.

I got up early took the dog out in the rain. I then finished polishing some new knobs on my lathe for the kitchen units. I did some work on my websites and then a man came to give me a quote to re-tarmac the drive. Then my son and daughter in law came with 2 of the grandchildren. Then it was time to go shopping, take the dog for his second walk and have a very late lunch.

So I thought the painting above of a man at rest was quite appropriate. I am now going to sit down and watch the rugby.

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