Saturday, 5 February 2011

Oh Lord

The picture above is a little watercolour out of my sketchbook from the end of last year. We had a week near Druidston and this is the farm where we camped in our van.

Yesterday I went to watch Wales v England in Cardiff with my son. We met a few interesting individuals and had a nice time. The result however could have been better.

We arrived in Cardiff and went to the Hilton Bar. It was quite full and there were a few golden oldies there that I recognised and probably more I didn’t. I noticed Dusty Hare and Jason Leonard. We got talking to a gentleman in a wonderful green and red striped blazer. You probably have to be very confident to wear something like that or completely insensitive. He was very confident. He turned out to be a Lord and was a member of the Commons and Lords Rugby Club who had been playing that day. He said he was a centre, I was far too polite to comment on his position considering his ample girth. There again I suppose there is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black there. He was a very pleasant chap and kept us company until he ditched us for the Chairman of the R.F.U. (understandably as he had his tickets for the game).

When we got in the Stadium we had to climb into the gods. I don’t like heights but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t get nosebleed. We normally sit in the lowest tier near the halfway. The problem we had was that half a dozen English supporters were sat behind us. We are used to friendly banter but to be honest there wasn’t much that was friendly about it and it was all one way. It got quite personal and I received a shower of beer for minding my own business much to the amusement of the visitors. I got a “sorry” and was told it was an accident. Shortly after I received another soaking from them again. I regret to say they were getting to me and I gave them some rather specific advice. Fortunately that seemed to do the trick and my son also calmed things down by making an effort to tolerate the idiots and set up some sort of rapport.

Nevertheless a good day out and met some interesting people.

Today we had the grandchildren this morning and I made a replacement gate. This afternoon was spent watching rugby. I did stretch some paper ready for some work tomorrow or Monday.

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