Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Lords Park Farm

The watercolour above is of Lords Park Farm on the right with Llansteffan Castle in the background. I don’t know much about the farm except it in owned by the National Trust and is a listed building. There is a nice walk around Warley Point and through the farm back to the Castle.

Today I finished off some details of the commission I was doing yesterday. Then I went to see Bryan Thomas a tutor at Trinity College. I had a couple of books on ceramics to donate, which I thought might be useful for the students. Bryan seemed in good spirits and there was some interesting work in the studios.

Tonight we have a meeting of the co-operative. I take the minutes, which keeps me occupied.

Years ago Alex and I took our old dog Luke for a walk. We parked in Llansteffan beach car park. There was an information board in the car park about the Castle, which we read. We then walked up the path and after a good climb arrived at the Gatehouse of the Castle. It was there we found a notice from CADW stating that dogs were not allowed in the Castle. We were a bit put out and walked back down without seeing the Castle.

We then penned a letter on behalf of Luke something like, “Today my mom and dad took me to Llansteffan. I was very excited and they read all about the Castle in the Car Park…etc. etc.”

Yes I know its all a bit sad but fair play to CADW by return of post we got a letter addressed to Luke. They apologised and sympathised with him. They said he was allowed to go in and it was an old sign.

So some organisations are efficient, do reply to your letters and have staff with a sense of humour. Well-done CADW!

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