Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Artist's Statement

The painting above is of the Gower with its most South Westerly tip, Worms Head. The view is taken from Cefn Sidan, (Silky Back) a fine long beach off Pembrey.

Today I painted in the gallery. I didn’t have many visitors except for a writing group who sit and read to each other. It has been pretty quiet in the gallery for quite a few months fortunately this has not (so far) affected us with work coming in from other sources. On the way home I called in at the King Street Gallery for a chat and look at their exhibition. They have some very good artists with a variety of styles.

I also popped into Oriel Myrddin. This is a gallery supported by I believe the Arts Council and the Local Authority. The exhibition was probably very good but it wasn’t for me. What really puts me off exhibitions is when you read the artist’s statement or whatever.

“This work is a transition from the primitive to the modern transgressing the boundaries of the blah blah blah…”

Okay maybe that’s a bit harsh and maybe there is validity in an artists statement but I prefer a work of art to stand by itself and not have to be justified by some random collection of big words. I like to think what would Stubbs have said about his painting “Whistlejacket”.

“You want a what?”
“An Artist’s statement?”
“Okay, it’s a horse.”

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