Thursday, 10 February 2011

Dryslwyn Castle

I did the painting above today. It is of Dryslwyn Castle in the Towy valley. (There is also steam locomotive named after Dryslwyn Castle).

All went reasonable smoothly except I managed to drop my palette, which as luck would have it landed upside down. I am quite a clean worker as a rule and like everything reasonably ordered. To find my palette with its paint covered in dog hairs etc was a bit of a nuisance. Artists paint is also not cheap so I don't like to waste it, but there was nothing for it but to clean off the paint on the palette and start again.

Still after a clean up off we went. Lunch and then I finished the painting and took the dog out with Alex who had been framing. Yesterday Alex took the car to the garage to have a new rear light fitted. She had previously reversed out of our drive and had an argument with the gatepost. It wasn't her fault, that gatepost has been threatening to do that for ages!

I will probably do another still life next week I have an idea of a composition and have made a bid on ebay for a prop. Tomorrow I have to deliver a painting.

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