Thursday, 3 February 2011


Here a are some drawings of several features of Carmarthen including the Castle Gate.

I went out to see someone about a commission today. This is an odd process and every artist is different in how they go about it. The finances vary, the methods vary and the customers vary. I know some artists who won’t accept a commission because they find it puts them under too much pressure.

There is a big difference between doing a painting and then letting the customers choose whether they like it sufficiently to buy it, and doing a painting to order. You can pretty well be sure that someone who buys a painting off the wall is pretty happy with it. If you do a commission you can never be 100% sure its what they want or if they will reject it.

Some artists require a deposit, for larger sums even a contract is signed. I never ask for a deposit and operate on trust. I don’t like someone to put down money for something they haven’t seen. I have been let down once in the last 10 years on a commission when the customer decided they didn’t have enough money after all!

So all in all my system works okay.

This afternoon I did some tuition and an old friend of ours, Pat came to see us and collect a picture.

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