Friday, 11 February 2011

Old Tug

Here is a watercolour pen and ink painting of an old tug. As I have previously said I am interested in working boats and have quite a few photos and sketches.The Painting was sold at a Boat Show exhibition.

I delivered a painting today to a nice couple who have done a great job renovating an old barn that goes back to 1623. It was all very tastefully done. It had been a Tithe Barn that is it was used to hold all the wheat and barley paid to the church in the form of taxes.

When I got home I  decided to do a painting of Cadair Idris (a mountain in Snowdonia) for a change.
Cadair Idris means Idris’s Chair and is linked to a mythical giant, who used it as an armchair, alternatively it means the stronghold of Idris ap Gwyddno. Take your pick.

I regret to say I have never climbed Cadair Idris but as I am not keen on heights I suppose this is forgiveable.

This is all quite well but at one time I was co-ordinator to the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team. I even did a helicopter famailiarisation course which involved being picked up, winched up and down in a harness from an RAF Sea King. Fortunately my task didn’t personally involve much tramping around rescuing people.

I have done the majority of the work on the painting today but the foreground needs finishing either tomorrow or Sunday.

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