Monday, 14 February 2011

The Vintage Show

I did the painting above today. The image is not quite right as the camera caught the light and although I should go back and do it again I haven’t.

There are plenty of good subjects at a fair or vintage show. The only limiting thing is how marketable they are. I like trains, tractors, stationary engines, galloping horses but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Edward Seago one of the best if not the best British Painter of the 20th Century (in my opinion) painted and drew subjects from the fair and stage but they are nowhere near as sought after as his landscapes.

Seago was not recognised by the artistic elite and was not made a member of the Royal Academy.

He was not “cutting edge,” and worst crime of all he could paint. His brushwork was effortless, oh yes he could paint. He painted very quickly and would finish a painting in 45 minutes.
Have a look at the below website for a glimpse at Seago's work.

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