Thursday, 19 November 2015

St. Peters Church Carmarthen

Now I am not a spiritual type of person but I do like painting and visiting old buildings and churches. They tend to be the centre of towns and villages and provide a good landmark in a landscape. All that said there are times when I can feel an inner peace, (like when the grandchildren go home).

Which reminds me I went to the Leisure Centre yesterday with my charge (two year old grandson) and paid the £2 for the soft play room. I then said to the girl on the desk,
"I will be back in an hour for him then. Here's his bag." And turned to walk away.
"NO,"cried the girl slightly panicking, "You have to stay with him, I can't look after him."
"Yes I know, sorry only joking." I replied with a smile. He was very good all afternoon to be fair to him.

The church above is St. Peters in Carmarthen. I have done a few views of it over the years.

Alex unlike me is very spiritual although I have to be careful what I say as she doesn't like me jesting about it. She is currently doing her Master Reiki Curse or is it Course. I think it involves levitation or some such thing. Maybe its just paper folding. Perhaps enough said or I won't be getting a visit from Santa or at any rate Mrs Claus this Christmas.

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