Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Here Comes the Sun

A nice summer scene now the days are getting shorter. That being said it was the warmest November night on record and Alex put the heating on! Its not even February yet. I don't know what the seagulls are after but I can assure you they follow the hay tedder.

I had a nice morning in the gallery the other day. I had a chat with Pat who stuck her head in the gallery a good start the day. Nick and Fiona waved as they passed. One of our old friends Tony popped in to pass the time.

 Jeremy John called in. Now Jeremy is a real character. He is involved in everything the fishing, the Gwili Railway you name it. Anyway he was telling me he was once asked to judge a painting competition. Which he did but considered it amusing as his only qualification was that he won five shillings at school for drawing a goldfinch, which he had actually drawn using government tracing paper (hard toilet roll).

To be honest he was probably more qualified then many emminent academics. I personally have never entered a painting competition. I was once tempted when asked by the organisers of the Bath Plein Aire Competition. I was tempted by the event itself as opposed to money fame or glory but in the end decided it was a Severn Bridge too Far.

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