Thursday, 12 November 2015

Christmas Window Origin

I have been working on something a bit different the last two days. I have been doing the backdrop for the Christmas Window in Origin, Carmarthen. It is on a 4ft x 4ft board with supports. That is the maximum size I can put on my easels. I have done larger but it means working flat and I prefer not to.

Also due to size and cost of paint I am using acrylics for the first time  in at least 10 years. I did a quick sketch.

From that I just went for it. I have the Santa and Sleigh to do along with the stars and a bit more detail. I moved the church as I wanted the windows showing.  The window itself should be really good as usual and the ladies doing it are all very creative. Anyway I am packing and moving paintings for the next 2 days so I will have to finish it over the next week.

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