Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Scam - Microsoft Technician - Brad

The above painting is of Newport Pembs early morning with Newport Sands to the left of the picture.
The painting is sold.

Yesterday Alex called me and put a call through from "Brad at Microsoft". Now not much gets passed her and despite the few seconds she had to talk to him she added,"It's a scam!"

I answered the phone to him and the conversation went pretty much like this;

"Hi Mr Cox my names Brad. I'm calling from Microsoft you have a problem with your  computer."

"Really your Brad and your really with Microsoft? I am amazed you can be bothered to contact me out of all the people in the world with computers." (I didn't add you don't sound like Brad or any other American I know).

"You have a virus and you need to let me talk through some changes on your computer>"

"Well that's not going to happen, Brad."

"If you don't I am going to have to block your computer."

"Well good luck with that." I replied.

No reply.

He had put the phone down. Clearly a scam and not a very good one especially as it happens my PC is working better than it ever has. Oh, No who's just cut me off?!!"

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