Thursday, 26 November 2015

Studio v. Plein Air

For the most part I work in the studio. There are good practical reasons for this. I generally work off sketches or a  photograph if necessary. I occasionally work outside, "en plein air" but not as much as I should.

There is a huge difference in painting inside to painting on site.

Firstly to paint from nature you have to simplify the scene before you. In the studio this has already been done by making a 2d image either a sketch or photograph.
Secondly you have to work very quickly because the light is continually changing. This is obviously not the case when working from a photograph.
Thirdly you are working with a minimum of materials with nature to contend with (wind, cold,rain etc.).
Different working methods are required when working en plein air. Large brushes to work quickly and in my case generally no preliminary drawing. Detail also moves back a place to become subservient to the general theme of the painting.

I have decided that I have been neglecting this part of my work and next year I have booked no exhibitions and fully intend to spend more of my time working outdoors from nature.
I will still do some work in the studio ie. for commissions etc.

Talking of which I must get back to work on one and I have another waiting.

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