Friday, 27 November 2015

What a wonderful World

Well this morning was wet and miserable but nevertheless it was as always, worth it. Getting up before 7am and climbing up throught the woods and then plugging through the sodden fields gives you a view to start the day. Even if it does mean fighting the fields to retain your wellingtons. Since the cows have decided they don't like Jac I refrain from going through the fields with him if they are out.
The last few weeks however have been so wet they are in all the time, a result!

Anyway walking down Penlanffoss you get the view over the valley. Even when it is shrouded in mist it is worth standing and watching, listening. The water of the Towy breaking its banks spilling over the fields at Green Castle Corner. The mist hugging Merlin's Hill. The red light standing bright over Police Headquarters. The sounds of the blackbirds down in Bluebell Woods.

Anyhow nuff of this must get on I have a commission to finish.

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