Thursday, 5 November 2015


Forgive the sketch but by way of illustrating my blog I just did a quick pic of a cyclist. Anyway I was out the other day walking to town and a swarm of fit looking guys swooped down the road in line on their cycles. I admire their fitness and stamina but personally wouldn't cycle on a road. The benefits of fitness verses risk of being knocked down by a car or lorry are too close to call for my liking.

I used to ride a velocipede when I was younger and roads were quieter. I used to have a job cleaning coaches from 6pm to 7am and in order to get to work cycled as it was about 4 miles. I made my first bike from bits I found on a scrap heap and it served me well for several years. No gears or anything fancy. I had a puncture one morning on the way home from work and rather than push the damn thing decided to abandon it in a garden and walk home. Maybe a bit short sighted but hell I was young and impulsive. I had to walk after that.

I didn't mind the job and had it for a while. Then a new manager came. He was short on man management skills and was in short, a knob. I complained about having to use ammonia (something that wouldn't be allowed now) inside the coaches to clean them. He said if you don't like it leave. Anyway I put up with him for a while.

The busiest time was once a fortnight on a Friday evening when the continental coaches had to go out. One Friday the other cleaner went sick and just as the coaches started to arrive to be cleaned out I walked up to the new manager and said,"You know you said I should leave if I didn't like it . Well I'm leaving goodbye." He was close to tears, begging me to stay. I smiled as I walked out, thinking every dog has its day.

My next bike I bought in Welshpool Sale for £6. I rode that to and from work. I eventually sold it for £8 a good return I thought. I also rode the police bike on duty about Welshpool but on the whole preferred walking.

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