Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Oh Well

Somedays its like all your birthdays have come at once. Those over a hundred anyway. I had planned to start a commission today. But no. Ah a late arrival 24 months old to look after for the day. Now don't get me wrong I love families and children with all the "challenges they bring". In fact for the most part I see the one main measure of success as how people interact with others including how they bring up their family. But oh God why can't children be like ponies or other animals born ready to walk and just behave like little people. I get on okay with children (I think), that can talk say 4 -5 yrs. upwards but below that its is just a matter of heartstopping terror.

To make matters worse Alex has already made arrangements for this afternoon. What do I do on a wet afternoon with a very busy 2 year old. I think soft play at the Leaisure Centre is favourite if we don't get thrown out because he is destroying the place.

Spare a thought for a man getting a lot more grey hairs today.


Just found out Jonah Lomu has died. Great Man, Great sporstman.

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