Sunday, 29 November 2015

Rhossili Sunset

Here is one of the commissions I have been working on of a sunset at Rhossili. I have one more commission to finish at present.

I am now planning for next year and my outside work. I have several options in terms of equipment and none are ideal. I have a pochade box and tripod which work ok but only for small canvases or boards. I have a Julian Easel which is heavy but portable and can taken larger canvas or boards but is not the right height (ie. maximum height is not high enough). I am over 6ft and Iike the middle of my work to be at eye height. Standing painting all day with a stoop is a good recipe for a bad back.
The Jullian is a good design but obviously designed for smaller artists than me.

I could take a seperate easel or make another pochade box to fit on a photographic easel. I could also alter my Jullian Easel. There is no ideal answer everything is a compromise and I am starting to weigh items and consider the best options.

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