Saturday, 7 November 2015

Trains planes or automobiles

My next painting is probably going to be one of : Trains planes or automobiles! No real reason just fancy a change. The one above is from my past, the bus I used to get from Town when I would often meet my late father in Union Street.

This morning's walk was wet and windy. In fact I really enjoyed it. I had bought a new pair  of wellingtons (the old pair had a hole in them and there is nothing as useless as wellies with a hole, well actually there is but I will refrain from listing them all), I was wrapped up in my coat which is over 10 years old and will hopefully last another 10. I had my hat pulled firmly down on my head. I felt like Christopher Robin splashing through the little rivers that had formed on what were paths yesterday.

The last two days have been spent battling the kitchen sink. I thought for what appeared good reasons at the time that we should change the mixer tap. A twenty minute job. Now Alex and I are both okay with plumbing having fitted bathrooms and kitchens before. However this was a two day battle. The sink wouldn't come out as a double glazed window and sill had been put in after the sink unit. We had to disassemble the unit and then when it was all back together there was a minute leak because one of the pipes had a slight dent near the join. Repeat process and then fit new pipe in impossible place..etc, etc. Job done back to sanity , I think.

No the new mixer tap is leaking at he base of the spout!

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