Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Irish Sail Training Vessel

I post this for Dai Rees. It is the sail training vessel Dunbrody a replica of the ship that took Irish emigrants to Nova Scotia. The painting sold a few years ago.

I mentioned to our son the other day when he was on about coffee. I have never had a Latte or an Americana or any other form of the drink that is supplied in cardboard cartons these days. There are quite a few things I haven't done. I have never been to the Ballet despite having been to St Petersburg.
I have  never watched the Sound of Music I started to watch Les Miserables and gave up.

On the other hand I have done pretty much all I have wanted to do many I wouldn't repeat. I have gone scuba diving, jumped from a bi-plan having climbed out on the wing, sailed in the arctic, motorcycled over Europe,  and many other things so not much of a bucket list left  really.

I am content painting and learning the piano and watching the grandchildren grow up. (Sorry one  too many ands there.). Talking of which I have the grandchildren to pick up today.

My exhibition in Origin finishes on 5pm on Thursday so if you want to get a look please be quick. I will have a selection of paintings left there afterwards and I can be contacted through my email in any case. One of the 35 + paintings on display.

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