Friday, 15 June 2012

Willow Pattern Still life.

The painting above of still life with Willow Pattern is one that sold last week during the exhibition.

I caught a bit of David Cameron being interviewed in the Leveson Enquiry yesterday. Well at least my mother should be reassured. Although she is in her nineties and is suffering by comparison her recall doesn’t seem that bad after all. It does worry me that as Prime Minister his memory appears somewhat vague.

Well another day for the ducks today. All things considered the exhibition has been going about on par. Talking of animals I took Alex out for a meal last night. Now she can be a bit self-conscious about her apparel and acting her age unless she is wearing fluffy boots a shawl and pulling a shopping trolley. So when she was dressed up and looking very classy last night I was in hysterics when she said in all seriousness, “You don’t think I look like chicken dressed up as lamb?”
Followed by,"Oh shut up you know what I mean".

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