Sunday, 10 June 2012


The watercolour of Tenby sold today at Aberglasney. It was actually one of my favourite watercolours so I was really happy it went to a good home. A lovely family and Scarlets Supporters as well.

Around lunchtime a gentleman came in whilst Alex was out. He initially asked about one of the paintings but I should have seen the ruse. He actually wanted to tell me his life story day by day, minute by minute and everything he knew to boot. (I am sure he is a very nice chap but I notice his wife went around separately).
Anyway after 10 minutes I was on the point of some sort of drastic action whereupon Alex returned.
I confess I chickened out introduced her and said it was time for me to go home and walk the dog.
When I got back I suffered something of a tongue lashing. He had spent 30 minutes talking despite Alex's best efforts to finalise the monologue and eventually  ignore him.
The funny thing was he came back later. Alex and I saw him coming and both left him to Alex's Mom who had just arrived. Like a saint she took him outside and showed him the garden shop. Thanks from both of us.

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