Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Man's Best Friend!

I normally wake in the morning to the sound of a blackbird outside the window. This morning it was different. I awoke form a deep sleep with excruciating pain. I had cramp in my calf muscle. Jac came into the bedroom to see what was happening and started pawing me. Alex showed her concern by waking up and saying, "Stop being a wuss." She then rolled over and went back to sleep. Meantime I was trying to massage my calf at the same time as doing an impression of a beetle in spasm.
Alex and I watched the Jubilee Concert last night which I thought was excellent (apart from Cliff Richard).
Logically there is no real argument for a monarchy but in reality I can't think of a better head of state than the Queen. I have taken an oath of loyalty to her on two occasions.
Today I am still working on a commission. Alex has made half a dozen frames.

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