Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Medieval House and Gardens?

Here is one of the paintings we sold today at Aberglasney. It is a watercolour of the Mansion which dates back to Medieval Times.(Not the painting the Mansion).
We often get asked questions about the gardens and mansion when we are with the  exhibition. Having been there for some years we do have a reasonable idea of its history and future work. Today a couple came into the exhibition and started asking Alex questions about it. She told them we weren't anything to do with the House but were exhibiting the paintings. She also informed them that there was a video playing in the next room telling the story of the The Estate. The couple kept asking her questions until she was asked when it was built.
Alex said, "In the 1920's."
I nearly choked on my tea and gave her a strange look.
The couple didn't seem to pick up on this but left shortly after. She tells me that she was just joking but I have my doubts.She also said,"If this is in your blog..."

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