Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rain Wind and Sea

It was and has been pretty wet and windy over the last week not really ideal to persuade people to visit the exhibition and on some days we have seen less than 6 people. Nevertheless things have been going okay.
The weather reminded me of our days sailing. Our holidays were such that we had to take them when arranged irrespective of the weather. So there have been occasions when we have spent a week at anchor sheltering from the prevailing wind in a bay under a cliff.  This was quite pleasant being snug and cosy spending the time reading by the light of an oil lamp or sleeping to the sound of the howling wind and rain outside bouncing on the deck above us. At times however it could be quite hairy was when I had to leave the safety and shelter of the boat and take our dog ashore. Generally it was possible to wait until the tides were most favourable i.e. slack. Clambering down into a little tender going up and down like the “Galloping Horses” at the fair was always precarious on a boat swinging in the wind. Lowering the dog in to the tender sometimes had to be done with the aid of a halyard and winch.
Heading to shore out of the lee of the boat was an added excitement I could generally do without. In fairness I only had one incident and that was in the middle of the night in wind and rain. The dog needed to go and I set out in the dark only for the dog to inexplicable jump overboard. I did manage to catch up with him being swept away in the current then haul him back on board but I had a few heart stopping moments.
So although the wind and rain can be a nuisance on land they can definitely be a real hazard at sea.
The sketch above shows Luke and I in the tender on a fairly calm day. 

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