Saturday, 2 June 2012

Duncan and Karen Browning

I know it is slightly unusual for me to show a photograph but there is a nice little story here. When I go to do a painting I make myself a large mug of tea. I then drink this over the course of 2 or three hours while painting. It starts off hot, goes lukewarm then stone cold. I am happy to drink tea at any temperature, well I am used to it. A large mug means I don't have to take a break and can just carry on.
Until recently I used an old white pint mug I believe of RAF origin. It actually wasnt completely white, (not surprising considering I am painting). Anyway unfortunately Alex dropped it and broke it. Not a problem in itself except I had a real job trying to find a replacement. One day I was discussing this with Duncan Browning a lovely man and a potter. The next thing I know he makes a gift of not one but two bespoke hand thrown pint mugs. What a lovely guy. 
So there is one of the mugs above in action chilling nicely. It is all more the special as it was made for me.
Duncan and Karen Browning's work can be purchased through Origin at 53, King St. Carmarthen.

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