Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Grey Ferguson Tractor

The oil painting above of a little grey fergie was one of the paintings that sold yesterday at the Exhibition.
It must be a boy or man thing. I am always fascinated by mechanical things. Steam trains, traction engines, stationary engines all appeal to me. Consequently I am happy to paint them. Know your subject is a primary rule for me. 
I was asked yesterday to do a commission. It was for the proud owner of a race horse. I declined as  I knew I wouldn't do it justice to my satisfaction anyway. Yes, I could paint it. Yes, I can paint animals and include them in a scene but that is totally different to doing what is in effect a portrait of a horse. I can paint my own pets, I know them but I don't study horses. The greatest artist who painted horses was without doubt Stubbs and he dissected them, studied the skeleton and tissue of horses over a lifetime to properly understand how they were put together. 
There are no short cuts. In the 1960's Bert Weedon brought out a book for learning the guitar called "Play in a day." How many people bought that book and were disappointed I can only guess at but you can't play a guitar in a day and you cant learn to paint in a day. Like everything else it takes time,  practise and hard work.
Anyway I said, No.

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