Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The sketch above didn't come out that well on scan, probably light getting in the fold of the sketchbook. Anyway it is the Guards Tower in Stavanger. A pleasant enough place but not somewhere I would want of stay for more than a couple of days. I always get the impression Norway is empty or more likely nobody bothered to leave the house because they were bored. The same goes for wildlife. You may see the odd bird or duck on a pond but Britain is teaming with wildlife in comparison. Don't get me wrong the scenery is spectacular and a must place to visit if you can but the Gobi Desert has more going on in it.
I was talking to a young man yesterday who has just returned from Indonesisa , Malaysia and the Far East.
He is preparing to go back having been inspired by the rain forests and different cultures. I have no great desires to travel far now. (I went to Coventry once and I think that cured me of any desire to travel). I admit to liking my creature comforts. I get cramped on an airplane and dislike the hastle of airports. The slow pace of a ship is fine but at the end of the day I like to get home to Wales, scenery, wildlife, family, studio and slippers.

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