Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Line Dancing

A few weeks back Alex said to me are you coming to line dancing class. "Yes," I said,"But I will be sketching."
I had learnt my lesson before. A year ago on a cruise Alex persuaded me to go to a class of Latin American Dancing whatever that is.  I felt I ought to indulge her as she is occasionally good to me. I was heartened when we arrived in the theatre and saw a nearly a full capacity sat waiting. When the dance teacher turned up and asked those going to partake to come forward only four people came down Alex and I included. The rest had come to watch/laugh. Well in for a penny. I did my best although I have two left feet. Now I didn't mind the 200 people grinning at my continual embarrassment at being in the wrong place doing the wrong thing but Alex couldn't stop laughing for the whole forty minutes. No wonder I didn't want to go to "Line Dancing".
Anyway I did some sketches and had an embarrassment free line dancing class.

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