Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bar Meals

I have said before Alex never stays still so you have to be very quick to sketch her as above.

I posted about Mike yesterday there were many incidents we were involved in for the most part ones I can't go in to here. I do recall one particular evening when there were a crowd of us having a drink after a good clear up. Mike had for some reason picked some odd dishes off the menu, frogs legs and snails. This  was at a time when soup in  basket and prawn cocktail was the height of sophistication. We stood and watched Mike demolish the plate of frog’s legs and then go through the snails. On finishing he said,
“Frogs legs tasted like chicken but the snails were like grit.”
Someone then said, “Yes Mike but your not meant to eat the shells.”

Today I did a couple of sketches. Alex was busy with household chores.

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