Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lions Led by Donkeys

I sketched the  gentleman above watching a dance class. He didn't look too interested but it was probably preferable to taking part.
It was said of the British Army that it consisted of Lions being led by Donkeys. At times in the police I often felt like that. Now don't get me wrong there were a number of very good and even inspirational senior officers. There were also a number that sat in their office reading the paper waiting for five o’clock. I recall being sent to see the Superintendent by my Inspector on one occasion in a Suburban Division in Birmingham. I was given a dressing down by the Superintendent because I hadn’t had an arrest in the last month. I was told,
“It isn’t good enough. I won’t stand for it and neither will your Inspector.”
I replied reasonably respectfully, “The Inspector has put me on security duty for the last 6 weeks and I have been walking around the outside of the station for 8 hours every shift. How am I supposed to have an arrest I haven’t been out?”
“That’s not the point. Do better.” Replied the Superintendent. Donkey!
Fortunately I was moved to another Division a week later where there was plenty of work and an Inspector with a brain. I never saw the Superintendent in my new Division.

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