Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday ~ A Day of Rest

The above is a sketch I did in N. Wales of a collapsed wall that appealed to me on one of my walks with Jac. There was  real contrast of textures, moss, bark stone...Jac didn't seem that interested and wanted to carry on so it was a very quick scribble and splash.
Yesterday I was interviewed by Sophie Bennett for work on her Phd. Anyway it was nice to meet her and I hope the information I gave her was of some assistance. She is a ceramics tutor in Aberystwyth and is involved with the International Ceramics Festival. I have tried my hand at ceramics and enjoyed it but to be honest I was absolutely rubbish. So I stick to painting.
Later in the day the "whole" family arrived so it was a pleasant chaotic dinner and evening. Perhaps a quieter day today?
Tomorrow I have to make a start on a new commission.

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