Sunday, 31 October 2010

Home and Away

The painting above is of The Gower, Llangenith Beach and Worms Head, and was sold yesterday.
Worms head is a very familiar shape to us as we have sailed around these waters of the Bristol Channel for a long time. I understand that the word 'Wurm' means 'dragon' and it was named by Viking invaders. The shape as you can see is very like a giant dragon or sea-serpent and marks the westerly end of the Gower. When we camped in North devon recently we could still see the Wurm from our camper van on the cliffs. Ironic really as we had travelled some 200 miles by road and we were in site of home.
Last night we had David Cowdry and Erika round for dinner both lovely people and exceptionally talented. As usual our dog Jac was the centre of attraction and stole the show.
Today was spent making some trim out of oak to finish off our new flooring. Tomorrow is put aside for painting and Alex has a number of paintings to frame.

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