Monday, 18 October 2010

"Water under the bridge"

The painting above is of the Bridge over the River Usk at Brecon. I have painted a couple of versions of this subject. There is something quite satisfying in painting bridges, gates, doors etc. I suppose there is a lot of symbolism involved either on a concious or sub-concious level.
Bridges are often used in metaphors. e.g. "Who are the bridge builders?" - Rudyard Kipling
Anyway this is getting a bit heavy - I just like the view.
I painted it today. I also visited my mom, and the local refuse tip to dispose of the various detritus from decorating and stripping various rooms.
We have to get ready for our next exhibition in Carmarthen in December. I have quite a few paintings but there is the matter of framing, prints, marketting etc, etc... So a few busy weeks in store.

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