Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sainthood and angels

The painting above is one I donated to Dorothy Bere from Carmarthen who raised funds for a charity engaged in building schools in Nepal. Dot has been out there and put in her own work so good for her. It is always good to give something back and I always appreciate the many blessings we enjoy. In truth in this country we have an excess of riches. This Christmas we are donating to Macmillan again and have asked for matched funding from Barclays well you never know.
Anway before I promote myself to Sainthood I must mention I was brought down to earth by a great question by my 5 year old grandson today,
"Will you be an angel when I'm grown up grandad?"
Well I'm certainly no angel now and am never likely to be nice though the thought might be.
Alex and I spent a good deal of the day in hospital with my mom and then picked up some of the grandchildren. I did spend 10 minutes waiting for school to finish by examining the shadows in the playground (no not the group) and the light in the trees. I chatted to David Cowdry tonight a a really nice guy and a fantastic artist if you don't know his work you should look him up.
It looks like it will be Wednesday before I can get around to painting again.

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