Monday, 1 November 2010

What's in a name ?

The painting above is one I did today of Kidwelly. You will note that I have signed it in the left hand corner. I am often asked if I will sign a painting or print when in fact it is already signed its just that it may not be very noticeable.
I firmly believe that the painting should sell itself figuratively and literally. The name is really of no great consequence. I am not one to flourish a large signature across a work athough I have no problem with others doing so. I am content to mark it as genuine with my initials and record and catalogue it in a database.
Obviously names do sell paintings a superb painting by an unknown provincial artist may be worth nothing whilst a very poor daub by a well known artist might sell for tens of thousands.
Not every painting an artist does can be successful but some will regretably sell all their works of whatever quality relying on their name.
I have also been asked if I have any connection with David Cox. My family history is somewhat clouded on my fathers side but I do know that my family did live in Heath Mill Lane in the 19th century. This is the same place David Cox lived. So who knows, and what's in a name anyway!
So today I did the painting above and Alex spent the day mounting paintings ready for framing.

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