Thursday, 28 October 2010

North South divide

We have been away for a week while my family came to house-sit and look after mom. We stopped in Druidstone in a little campsite with views overlooking St. Brides Bay. It was a really nice week which was spent walking the coastal path and reading when it was too wet. I got plenty of material for new work too. Pembrokeshire is divided into North and South by the Landsker Line an invisible boundary that divides the English speaking South and the Welsh speaking North. It is also divided physically by the Milford Haven Waterway.
We stopped South of the Landsker Line in Druidstone and North of the Haven. The main difference we noticed is that in North Pembrokeshire particulalry close to the coast there is a distinct lack of trees. A scruffy windswept bush would be as much as you are likely to see. The other really noticeable difference is that in South Pembrokeshire at night there are literally flocks of starlings in their thousands whilst in the North there are barely 20 or thirty birds in an evening display. It could be that the lack of trees and low numbers of swallows is connected.
Anyway I did a lot of sketching mainly of coastal scenes. On approaching Broad Haven you are quite high and can easily see the Oil refineries in the South of the Haven. The picture above is of the Old Texaco refinery and is sold.
Dinner time now!

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