Friday, 15 October 2010

The Unknown Soldier

I heard a mother from North Wales on the radio this morning talking about her son's memorial. He had been in the RAF and had been killed in Afghanistan. A memorial stone had been put up for him but it had been repeatedly damaged by vandals.
In the end the memorial was removed. My reaction to this sort of incident is two-fold the feelings of sorrow for the mother and the anger at the apparent inability of the authorities to catch or deal with these mindless juveniles.
The painting above is of the memorial in Cidweli. I painted it not because it is a marketable subject it is clearly not. I feel these memorials are however a very powerful symbol of the sacrifice that the generations before have given. It was a compulsion that made me record the image a small homage to their sacrifice.
On a lighter note I have been decorating today and dealing with paperwork for a future exhibition.

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