Saturday, 9 October 2010

Rosie Swale-Pope

The painting above is the one I did yesterday. It is of Bull Point in North Devon. I did the painting from a sketch I made when we were stopping in Damage Barton last month. I had seen Bull Point Lighthouse from the sea having sailed past it several times so it was familiar to me but not from close up.
Last night Alex and I went to a charity dinner in Carmarthen. It was a good meal and we had very pleasant company. However the highlight was that the guest speaker was Rosie Swale-Pope.
My word what an extraordinary lady she is. I was aware of her run around the globe but there is so much more to her than that. An adventurer, eccentric, author and marathon runner. She was the first woman to sail the atlantic in a small boat (a 17ft boat she found in a barn in Dolgellau).
She has raised so much for charity and yet she hardly has a penny to rub together. She slept in the car park of the Hotel last night.
It is fair to say I was impressed.
Anyway today Alex is working in the gallery and I am off to the Rugby including a pre-game dinner so that should be good!

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