Saturday, 30 October 2010

"Any old iron"

The painting above is of Llansteffan Beach. It was sold to a lovely lady from Caerffili yesterday.
I just got back from walking the dog and I heard a very unusual sound from the estate above the reservoir.
"Any old iron scrap metal pans.." this was a cry I hadn't heard for about 50 years. The only difference was that today it was on a loudspeaker. I have to say though it did get me thinking about the rag and bone man when I was young. He used to come down our street with his old white cart horse pulling an open cart piled with rags and relics from the kitchen. He would have balloons tied to his cart and would give children a balloon for a bundle of rags or an old pan.
Obviously the price of metal is going up at the moment.
When it comes to recycling paintings or canvas I am afraid I generally don't bother. I have previously primed over an old painting and spent time producing a new work to find that the texture of the old painting ruins the work. I do recycle brushes to some extent. Watercolour brushes tend to be used for oils when they are no longer suitable for watercolour. Worn oil brushes are used to scrubble turps or medium onto a canvas. When of no longer use they are thrown in to the scrap wood pile for my friends wood burner.

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