Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Idle images

As we came back from Brecon on Sunday I sat idly enjoying the scenery pass by while Alex drove the van. I am quite content being driven and in fact I have only ever driven the van once in the whole time we have had it. She enjoys driving so who am I to argue. This is great for me as I can day dream and collect images in my head for future use. One such image was of cattle standing in a flooded field in the Towy Valley. The image struck me and today when I went into the gallery that is what I painted.
The painting above is of Snowdonia from Harlech beach. This is one of the fruits of a fortnight in North Wales earlier this year. It is actually not quite so blue in real life as it appears on my monitor. Anyway the painting itself sold over the weekend.
Also today we visted my mom did the shopping and now are in the process of clearing the remnants of a ceiling which is being replaced. Life is never dull!

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